Our mission is simple….

“Create the highest quality luxury CBD formulations that deliver the maximum sense of well-being, naturally.

…Our promise of Social Responsibility: Education, Transparency, Passion


There are a lot of discrepancies in today’s world about the research and usage behind broad spectrum hemp. Our goal is to educate others about the potential benefits and natural alleviation of unwanted symptoms it brings.

We partner with only the top doctors and specialists in the industry to bring you quality research and education tools so you can make informed decisions when choosing what is right for you.


We offer our customers complete honesty and transparency about the origins of our products. We have all of our products third party tested by independent laboratories and you can find these Certificates of Analysis here.


Millions in the US experience daily ailments that make life more challenging – we are passionate about helping those in need attain or surpass their personal wellness goals. A never wavering commitment to helping others attain the best possible sense of well-being drives our company.

We strive to deliver CBD that is considered the highest in quality and purity for superior results. Experience the Dream-Relief difference for yourself.