CBD Quality


Being committed to delivering the world’s best CBD products, Dream-Relief believes in choosing our CBD sources carefully selecting suppliers based on strong relationships and collaborations. We chose to source our CBD compounds from the largest grower, manufacturer and distributer of naturally hemp derived THC-free phytocannabinoids in the U.S.

Additionally, because our manufacturing adheres to ISO 9001 quality management standards, and is performed under a CDPHE license for processing hemp as food products, you can rest assured that Dream-Relief’s luxury CBD products are safe, reliable and of the highest quality. Through a combination of in-house laboratory testing and our own independent laboratory tests, our rigorous standards for quality and consistency set Dream-Relief’s products apart. You can review information about the phytochemical profile of your Dream-Relief products here.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of many naturally found phytocannabinoid compounds in the hemp plant. Of importance to most people is how the cannabinoid CBD supports a sense of peace and wellness in their personal lives. For years, researchers across the globe have been looking at the possible therapeutic uses of CBD. It is well established that CBD is not intoxicating, that is to say it will not make you “high” unlike its well-known cannabis relative; Marijuana. Because CBD doesn’t cause a high, it is being added to everyday routines, often to achieve personal wellness goals associated with physical, mental, and even emotional well-being.

The passage of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 clarified hemp laws and removed hemp (defined as cannabis with less than 0.3% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the cannabinoid associated with Marijuana) from Schedule I controlled substances. This effectively made this type of cannabis hemp an ordinary agricultural commodity fully legal across the United States.

CBD Formula

Why broad spectrum CBD?

In the CBD market, generally the term ‘broad spectrum’ refers to federally compliant CBD products that are THC-free, meaning they contain non-detectable levels of TCH; while ‘full spectrum’ refers to CBD products that are also federally compliant however they can have measurable THC levels that must be at or below 0.3%.

Broad-Spectrum Cannabinoid Profile

Broad spectrum CBD plant extracts have been a hot topic of recent news and medical journals. Healthline cites a 2018 review assessing how well broad spectrum plant extracts work to alleviate chronic joint and muscle swelling and aching. The review looked at different research studies conducted between 1975 and 2018 concluding broad spectrum CBD was effective in overall management of joint and muscle aches and didn’t cause negative side effects.

Another article published in the popular UK Observer talks about the growing popularity and plethora of benefits that broad spectrum plant extracts bring to users. These people are reporting, improved management of stress and aching plus better rest at night. A 2019 study in the Permanente Journal found that 67% of participants reported improved rest after taking 25 mg of broad spectrum CBD extracts per day. In another study, broad spectrum CBD has also been found to have a significant impact on non-REM cycles.

However, as with most new industries, these terms “broad spectrum” and “full spectrum” are not standardized. This makes the Certificate of Analysis (COA) a very important document for you. These COA reports are imperative because they document both the purity and contents of each specific CBD product. We always have them available to assure your peace of mind about the quality and cannabinoid content of our products.


Dream-Relief luxury whole plant CBD products are unsurpassed in purity and quality delivering far more than just the cannabidiol CBD. As a broad spectrum formulation, our luxury CBD contains an array of additional beneficial cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG as well as other natural phytocompounds and terpenes. No matter what you select, you can trust that our products are crafted with care.

Our luxury CBD formulations are unmatched in purity and efficacy, delivering the maximum sense of well-being, naturally. Our whole-plant CBD is being added to everyday routines to achieve physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Dream-Relief’s goal is to evangelize the recuperative powers of CBD through education, transparency and passion.