CBD for Personal Wellness and Lifestyle

Establishing Your Guidelines

Unfortunately, there are no established or set guidelines for the best way to use CBD to achieve your personal wellness and lifestyle goals. Prepare for your own unique experience as you explore what CBD can do for you, it deserves your patience and experimentation. We wish you success on your journey! And know that at Dream-Relief we strive to deliver luxury CBD that is unsurpassed in purity and efficacy. Experience the Dream-Relief difference for yourself.

Many people benefit from a combination of consumption methods. Here are some examples of how people are using our CBD products:

Personal Wellness & Lifestyle Needs

Explore What CBD Can Do For You

Manage stress or intensify focus 1-3X daily, taken orally, capsules or oils
Sore or swelling muscles and joints 1-3X daily, taken orally capsules or oils plus topicals as needed
Restlessness Orally, capsules or oils taken a few hours before bedtime, realizing lower strengths can energize while higher strengths encourage sleep.

Dream-Relief luxury whole-plant CBD products are unsurpassed in purity and quality and deliver far more than just the cannabidiol CBD. As a broad spectrum formulation, our luxury CBD contains an array of additional beneficial cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG as well as other natural phytocompounds and terpenes. No matter what you select, you can trust that our products are crafted with care. View our Certificates of Analysis to understand the cannabinoid and terpene profiles of each Dream-Relief luxury CBC product. And, of importance, you can confirm from our independent laboratory tests they are contaminant-free and contain no THC.