Which Form of CBD to Use

Dream-Relief’s THC-free broad spectrum CBD can be your game-changing go-to, but the key to its effectiveness is understanding how to take it and figuring out what works best for you.

Don’t worry – we’re going to go into the different methods of administering our CBD so that you can make an informed decision. Check out the differences and pick the one that works best for you.

Dream-Relief’s luxury CBD is offered in several different forms to meet your preferred method of consumption. You can either take it internally, to build up a base or utilize topical products on specific locations.

CBD Oils and Gels

Orally — Swallow

Dream-Relief’s THC-free CBD can be taken as a soft gel capsule, ingested and swallowed as an oil, or the oil can be added to drinks and foods and then taken. Our CBD soft gels are perfect for active people on the go, delivering consistent strength in a convenient capsule. Our CBD oils are very popular for their long-lasting effect and they’re great for building up your internal stock of cannabinoids.

When Dream-Relief CBD is taken orally it goes through your digestive tract and is absorbed by the intestines and is then sent to be metabolized by your liver. Throughout this process, it’s absorbed into your bloodstream and travels throughout your body. Generally, it takes about an hour to feel effects when taken on an empty stomach, or up to three hours if taken with food. People should not re-dose for at least three hours after ingestion.

Although swallowing is the slowest route for your body to absorb CBD edibles and oil products, it ensures our luxury CBD is active in your body for the longest period of time. Peak bloodstream levels are reported to be anywhere between 1-6 hours. Swallowing CBD is the best way to build long-term and lasting support.

Taking CBD OrallyOrally —Sublingual

Dream-Relief CBD oils can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream from the capillary-rich areas underneath your tongue, along your gums and cheek. Taking CBD this way gets it into your bloodstream faster than swallowing. Peak bloodstream levels range from 0.5 – 5 hours which can be a noticeable improvement.

Generally, it is suggested that to increase absorption, vigorously swish the CBD oil around in your mouth, even between your teeth. These oral actions amplify the surface contact between the oil and your capillaries, getting our Supreme CBD directly into your bloodstream, intensifying peak levels.

CBD Topical Creams

These act like the traditional roll-on topicals and creams, but as a natural CBD plant solution, they are formulated to match the active adult’s lifestyle and personal wellness goals. They’re perfect for managing muscle soreness or joint aches after a long day of activity.

Dream-Relief topical CBD products are absorbed through your skin when applied to ease unwanted symptoms like sore or swelling muscles and joints. When applying CBD this way very little, if any, enters the bloodstream.

Topicals are great for on-the-spot treatment. But for long-term personal wellness and health goals, people often get the best results when they pair Dream-Relief’s THC-free CBD topicals with our oral products. To learn more about using our luxury CBD we recommend you read our usage guidelines.