CBD guidelines


Diverse people from multiple generations take or apply CBD to treat a variety of symptoms while others want to enhance their overall sense of wellness to alleviate daily stress or maintain focus for an important project. Our luxury products are formulated with our customers busy lives in mind. We realize all the information about CDB is a bit overwhelming. We’ll be a resource to our customers about how our Supreme CDB products can support them.

We offer our THC-free broad spectrum CBD in many forms. You may have seen people use sublingual CBD oils. These are very popular because they are absorbed orally, under the tongue, and take effect relatively quickly. We offer a range of luxury products all designed to adapt to any lifestyle, including CBD-infused oils in multiple flavors and strengths, CBD Vegan Soft Gels, and CBD topicals such as our Moisturizing lotion and Serenity Roll-on.

How much is right for you

Even though CBD has been federally legalized, the FDA has not yet released any type of usage guidelines. This means there are no specific standardizations as far as recommended amounts to use.

Fortunately, there have been numerous scientific studies and clinical trials that have concurred CBD is considered generally safe for use, even in high doses, and does not promote overuse or reliance. So, how can you decide how much to take?

While everyone is different, the vast majority of people tolerate CBD very well, with almost no significant reported side effects. However, it is a bit of trial and error to find your own “sweet spot” as far as what concentration of CBD you need to feel better and support your sense of well-being.

CBD Products

If you’re just starting with Dream-Relief Supreme THC-free broad spectrum CBD; take the recommended serving as indicated on the label for 4 to 6 weeks. If you’re not where you want to be relative to your goals, we suggest moving up to the next higher level of strength. Be Consistent: For any wellness support product to work properly, it must be taken regularly. Missing days or servings can affect your ability to help support your body and personal wellness goals.

As a general rule of thumb, to achieve your personal wellness milestones, weight ranges are a good place to determine the best Supreme THC-free broad spectrum CBD oil strength for you.

Dream-Relief Supreme CBD Oil Guide

CBD Beyond Compare | Always THC-free


Supreme CBD Strength Strength per Serving*

under 130 lbs.

300mg Supreme CBD oil


130 to 180 lbs.

500mg Supreme CBD oil


180 to 230 lbs.

1000mg Supreme CBD oil


over 230 lbs. 1500mg Supreme CBD oil


* single 1ml dropper

Determining the best amount of our Supreme CBD oils to take depends on many different things. You will want to consider the strength or concentration of CBD being consumed, your body’s tolerance, and your own personal wellness goals. Dream-Relief offers our Supreme THC-free broad spectrum CBD oils in multiple strengths ranging from 300mg to 1500mg to support your personal goals.

Considerations for first-time users and seniors

If you are using our CBD oils for the first-time, please check with your doctor to determine what strength is correct for you. Many seniors are on a daily regimen of prescription drugs for multiple health conditions. Now, seeking to improve their quality-of-life and reduce the number of negative side-effects, many seniors are turning to natural remedies such as CBD to alleviate their conditions. The benefits of CBD most relevant to the elderly include its ability to alleviate joint and muscle aches, stress, and restlessness.

What to Expect

The Entourage Effect

The sense of well-being from Dream-Relief CBD products, called the “Entourage Effect”, magnifies the therapeutic benefits and the synergistic interaction of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and fatty acids. This sensation is the result of the many compounds refined from raw hemp and how they interact with your body to produce a stronger influence than any one of those components alone. The different premium compounds in our formulations amplify each other’s chemistry enabling Dream-Relief’s products to be more effective in addressing unwanted symptoms.

This theory of the entourage effect is comprehensively described in a review called “Taming THC: potential cannabis synergy and phytocannabinoids-terpenoid entourage effects”, written by Dr. Ethan Russo – a neurologist and pharmacologist who has long studied cannabis compounds and how they affect the body.

The hemp plant is said to have over 25,000 uses with some estimates even higher showing promise in being a successful commercial crop for years to come.

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